janesnap31Jane Slater (Associate Producer) worked as a producing partner with Tashtego Films where she contributed to the development of A Bird of the Air from the initial acquisition of the rights of Coomer's novel. Other projects include the development of Heart of a Shepherd, based on the novel by Rosanne Parry; coordinating production of the early footage of Casting By, a documentary on Casting Directors by Tom Donahue, featuring the legendary Marion Dougherty; and overseeing the completion of Tony Gerber and Jesse Moss's award-winning documentary Full Battle Rattle (SWSW, Berlinale Competition).

She has worked in film and television as producer, production manager, and script supervisor for independent films, episodic television and commercials, spending two decades in Los Angeles before returning to New York City.

She has produced numerous television spots, including campaigns with Clio-winning directors Richard Avedon, RSA, Jeff Gorman and Bob Giraldi. Her work on feature films includes specializing as a script supervisor in visual effects, and she was part of the Blue Sky team that won an Oscar for James Cameron’s Titanic. She has also served as script supervisor on sitcoms and several episodic TV series with John Wells Productions.



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