Raine Hall (Associate Producer) has scoured the far corners of the world in search of extreme locations for documentaries, commercials and feature films including White Fang, Dinosaur, Big Fish and Shutter Islan., An avid outdoorswoman, she has climbed Denali, roamed the Dolpo, trained sled dogs on the Yukon River -- and she ran the Iditarod Sled Dog Race from a desk, serving as the first Executive Director of the Iditarod Trail Committee in Alaska.

RaineHallAs Associate Producer on The Loop, Hall had the pleasure of helping to put together an extraordinary team in support of director Margaret Whitton's feature film directorial debut. She also enjoyed working closely with three New Mexican Native American pueblos, the NM DOT and US Army Corps of Engineers to secure many of the unique locations featured in the film. Hall and Whitton, friends for years, both have named American theater and film director Arthur Penn as a mentor and inspiration.



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